ILnana’s Confessions Corner: Volume 1

ILnana’s Confessions Corner: Volume 1

In a world filled with secrets, kinks and hidden desires, there exists a space where individuals find comfort in sharing their most scandalous confessions. Welcome to iLnana’s Confessions Corner: a window into the Untold Stories and the depths of human desire.

Disclaimer: The confessions shared are personal accounts and do not represent the views or experiences iLnana. Reader discretion is advised.

  1. 'We never speak about it.'

Confessions: no.1

"I had a threesome with my friend and her boyfriend a few years ago, MMF. After his girlfriend fell asleep, we carried on by ourselves for hours in another room…and on several other occasions after that - whenever he and I were alone - we'd have sex behind his girlfriend's back and we still do. We never, ever speak about it but it’s been an unspoken rule that whenever we’re together and alone…you know the rest. 

  1. 'We were putting on a show.'

Confessions: no. 2

"There was this guy I met in my Calculus class and I’ve always had a super crush on him but I’m super shy and a bit socially awkward so I never said anything. I was invited to a party one night by a friend and to my surprise, who do I see? Him! He actually made his way over to me and said hi! We talked all night and had a few drinks. One thing led to another and the next minute, we’re outside on the very open high rise balcony alone. He started kissing me and he bent me over, we both gripped onto the railing, and began to have sex. People on the balconies surrounding us could see it happening. We saw people watching us f*ck, which we both were aware of and secretly liked. We were putting on a show for them. Fast forward 3 years and we’re still together.

  1. 'It Was So F*cking Freezing.'

While on vacation at a skiing resort, my boyfriend and I decided we were way too horny to wait until we were off our ski route to have sex. In hindsight, what we did next wasn't the best idea. We skied down a bit until we found a cluster of trees to hide in, we unbuckled our pants and away we went. It was so f**king freezing but so hot and worth it!" No regrets.

  1. 'I Had Been Single For Far Too Long.'

"I was in NYC during the COVID lockdowns and I was single and sex-less for far too long. I lived alone in an apartment building at the time and noticed I had a super good-looking garbage man who took out our trash every Wednesday morning. So… I left a note on the bins one day that told him I thought he was cute and left my Instagram handle (so he could check me out too!) We started talking on Instagram and decided to go on a date one evening. He met me at my apartment near the bins and we walked around Coney island in Brooklyn. The city is usually bustling but there were no pedestrians out, it was almost scary, being a NY native you would know that there are always people out, its the city that doesn’t sleep! We joked about it while we were walking around and we wound up at a bar that was selling takeaway cocktails, then we walked to the beach and ended up having sex. First on the boardwalk, then on the beach, then on some rocks. We figured if he came inside my apartment we would be breaking “the social distancing rules'' anyway, so we figured the only rational option was to f*ck outdoors while the city was ours."

  1. 'We Were Having Sex While Rain poured on us.'

"My girlfriend and I decided to try our hand at sex in a jacuzzi while we were away on vacation. She and I were really getting into it and then it started raining on us - hard! Given we were already wet from the jacuzzi, we just continued having sex while rain poured on us, it was actually nice."

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